Wes Herschberger
is the CEO and founder of MapleTronics Computers, located in northern Indiana. As an entrepreneur, he has either started, purchased or sold over a dozen companies since buying his first business in 1992. His businesses have survived and grown through events like Y2K, the Dot Com burst, and many other radical changes in the Technology industry. His years of experience as both an IT professional and a business executive have given him priceless insight into the IT challenges many businesses face today.

Wes believes it is vitally important to give, both financially and in service. Throughout the years he has, at various times, coached basketball, mentored youth, taught Sunday School, retained active memberships in service organizations, and has served as Chairman of the local Chamber of Commerce and on several not-for-profit boards.

Wes lives in northern Indiana with his wife, Janelle, and two children, Adam and Holly.

You may contact Wes at ithits@emaple.net and learn more about his companies by visiting the MapleTronics Computers web site at www.mapletronics.com.

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